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Our  Story

The St. Amant Volunteer Fire Department was organized in 1973 to provide the citizens which live within the St. Amant community some relief from the threat of fire to their personal safety and theyr property. Today, although it is still a fire department, it exists to provide a variety of emergency management services primarily to over 11,000 people who live within the community of St. Amant.  

The department operates 4 fire stations in the coverage area, holds a membership of over 60 volunteers, and manages over 25 apparatus.   


The St. Amant Volunteer Fire Department provides many services to the St. Amant community including: Fire Suppression, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Marine Response, Search and Rescue, Wildland Fire Suppression, Education and Fire Prevention, and Community Support. 

In addition to providing these services primarily to the St. Amant area, the department through mutual-aid and automatic-aid agreements with the other fire departments in Ascension Parish, provides services in the form of assistance to these secondary service areas. 

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Fire Suppression


Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

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Education &
Fire Prevention


Marine Response

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Wildland Fire


Community Support

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