Many people this Memorial Day weekend paused to remember the men and woman in uniform who gave so much for our freedom.

In the St. Amant community, Volunteer Firefighters spent that day going through the community handing out ice-cream and flags to as many children as possible, stated Chief Officer James E. LeBlanc.

So many gave the ultimate sacrifice for this country, so we can be able to enjoy the freedom we have stated LeBlanc. The St. Amant Volunteer Firefighters wanted to display our appreciation to each and every one of these Soldiers, but most of all we wanted the young children of our community to understand the real meaning of Memorial Day, stated Chief LeBlanc.

For most kids, “memorial Day” means “Fun Three-Day Weekend”. It comes in the late May, after all, when days are long and green, a preview of summer vacation to come. Indeed, for lots of families, the holiday kicks off a glorious season of barbecues, swimming, and other outdoor fun.

But the true meaning of Memorial Day goes much deeper than this. It is a somber day of remembrance for the men and woman who have died for our country, and we wanted the young children of the St. Amant Community to remember each and every one of them.

The St. Amant Volunteer Firefighters handed out over 250 ice-cream treats and American Flags to the community.